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Time for gardening!

Carla DiTondo - Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time for gardening! Well I am only planting flowers nowadays but it's still gardening to me.  I used to have a huge vegetable garden.  I figured if I made it huge, even if the animals ate half, I would still have enough. In Pennsylvania the critters out number the gardeners significantly.  I once had a ground hog the size of a Irish wolf hound drag my corn stalks clear across my back yard for a snack.  Then there was the time a skunk decided to have a Dugger size family under my shed next to the garden. She let me know I was not welcome there anymore. Now I stick to flowers, some in the ground, but most in planters or hanging.

I will buy my organic vegetables at The Fresh Market this year, and only share with my family! The critters have had enough from me over the years!

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Happy Mother's Day!

Have a wonderful week!

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