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Certified Piedmontese Beef

The Piedmont region of northwestern Italy is the original home of the Piedmontese breed of cattle, well-known for producing lean meat that, while healthier than most beef, is also tender and juicy. In fact, studies have shown that the breed naturally produces beef that is at least as tender as that of conventional breeds, but which is significantly lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories. (In fact, Piedmontese beef has less cholesterol than skinless chicken or turkey and fewer calories than roasted chicken.)

Certified Piedmontese cattle are raised in a humane environment on family ranches, and fed a pure, high-energy, all-vegetarian diet full of quality grains and forages. They never receive steroids or antibiotics. Certified Piedmontese cattle are raised not in tiny pens, but on open rangelands, and cattle raised in this fashion simply do not need hormones, antibiotics, and feed that contains animal byproducts; they thrive naturally in an uncrowded, low-stress environment in which they're allowed free access to plenty of good, natural food, fresh air, and fresh water.

The real proof, of course, is in the taste. When you try Certified Piedmontese beef, you’ll discover that lean beef with fewer calories and less cholesterol can be tender and juicy. All natural, all delicious- Certified Piedmontese is the healthier beef that tastes great.

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