Shop Online Policy & Conditions

Personal Shopper

The Meat Shoppe assigns a personal shopper to hand select the products reflected on your order with accuracy and care.

Substitution Policy

We strive to keep our shelves and cases stocked with the freshest product at all times. Unfortunately, on occasion, we may find that an item has run out of stock after placing your order. Prior to Checkout you will have the option to allow us to select a substitution for you. If you agree to have your items substituted we will select a corresponding replacement and apply that item’s price. You will be notified of any replacements at the time of pick up.

Bag Fee Policy

As of May 4, 2022 we are no longer able to provide single use plastic bags. You are able to select the option to bring your own reusable bags or opt to have your personal shopper bag your order for a $2.00 per bag fee. We are mindful of both capacity and weight when bagging orders to ensure only the necessary number of bags are utilized. The Meat Shoppe is not liable for any damage to the product or vehicle as a result of unsecured items.

Check Out Policy

The price reflected at Check Out is calculated based on the item, weight, and price of the products you’ve selected. The final price of weighted items will be reflected on your receipt at the time of pick up.

Privacy Policy

All information provided by customers (Name, Address, Phone Number, Credit Card Information) is protected and will remain confidential

Authorization Charge Disclaimer

You will see a “Temporary Authorization” Fee for $50.00 at the time of Check Out. This is a temporary hold placed on the available credit. This is done because the final total of the transaction is unknown at the time of authorization due to the nature of our business being primarily catch weight items. This fee will be removed before the final charge is made.

Rewards Policy

Arctic Foods offers an Online Rewards program for 1% cashback on your entire purchase, inluding the Service Fee. Create an online account today and earn 50 points automatically. Refer a friend and earn 800 points! In Store and Online Rewards are seperate and cannot be transferred or combined.

Refund Policy

All approved refunds will be issued within 24 hours of confirmation.


Cancellation Policy

Arctic Foods requires notice of cancellation for an order that has been placed online. In the event an order has not been picked up within the time slot and no notice has been given a 50% refund will be issued. 
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